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, francine simon, so if you could step forward. because we have i believe 44 applicants for our next agenda item, i am asking all applicants to be brief today, and to limit their comments to under two minutes. mr. wolfe, i know you presented at our last rules committee meeting but if you could speak to your experience on the sunshine task force and reasons why you would like to continue your priorities during that presentation that would be great. >> i appreciate that. i'll make it brief. my name is bruce wolfe i served on the sunshine task force 2005 with one year hiatus. i became interested in it because of various issues surrounding city college at the time. and just in general, i think it's a great idea that we all, you know, have some oversight and some look-see at transparency and making sure that the public and the city family has their just due in making sure everything is clean, and moves forward smoothly. i have pretty extensive research and background in studying constitutional law, and in construction, and in these areas. and i really enjoy serving on it. it's not a political po
. first to my partner simon at the nyse. >> speaking for replacement anchors in for tyler, the "washington post," sue is reporting that the reading section, the scores for the reading section of the s.a.t. have now hit 40-year lows. the college board says that the clear majority, 57% of those undergoing the tests, did not even score enough to predict that they would succeed in college. as the networks of nbc focus on education here in the united states, we are also learning this hour that americans owe more on their student loans than they do on their credit cards. and the default rate on those student loans is more than four times the default rate on mortgages. so the question now is it another bubble that is about to burst? senior correspondent scott cone is reporting from washington today on some very startling statistics, scotty? >> reporter: some new statistics, simon, just in. these new figures come from fyke cok -- fico, they analyzed a large sample of credit reports, millions of them nationwide. and here is what they found. since 2005, the percentage of u.s. consumers with multiple
returning to the car market. we begin the hour at the nyse. my partner for the day again, simon hobbs. hi. >> good afternoon. two years ago when there were protes in europe it sent the american markets tumbling. that's not the case today. however the clear escalation on the violence on protests in europe is a reason to pause. for that we join our chief international correspondent who is monitoring the unrest in spain and greece. >> we are waiting to see if there will be more unrest this hour. we have been monitoring on twitter calls for people to come out and protest again, similar to what we saw last night. that would be troublesome. there was a lot of violence in madrid as thousands of protesters tried to surround the parliament shouting, let us in, we want to evict you. the reason they are protesting is because on thursday the government will reveal budget reforms, changes to cuts in social spending, rising taxes, we're pretty sure of as well. we don't know the details yet. they know it will be painful and they are unhappy pause they have suffered a lot. this is a country with high lev
factor is back for season 2... with demi lovato and britney spears joining l-a reid and simon cowell at the judge'' table. table.x factor nats nats promos for the show have offered glimpses of spears... crushing the hooes and dreams of ome contestants during the early auditions.candace dold is out in hollywood this spears aad cowell.. and here's what they had to say: for the first time you are seeing what it's like to be a contestant on one of these shows . we've gone way back stage, so the contestants narrate the show anddit's evvrythiig i've always suspected. they all hate each other. they are not nice to each othhr... they are always competitive (as brittany laughs) oc: competive." competive."coming up later this hour.... we ask britney they look for in a contestant... and the performer simon's already got his eye on. on..ou can catch the season 2 premiere of "the x faator" tonight and tommorow night at 8... right here on fox45. 3 3 3 mapbelairfiber wilkensmap 3 3 think doing crunches is all you need.. to get rid of belly fat?or... lifting weightsswill make you look bulky?we s
hopeful who is truly unforgettable... sot: hey simon.... you my boo.. i wore this necklace for you. i fought my way to get here. ive been sick with pneumonia. i just got out of the hospital after being there for 7 days. i wasnt from seeing youthat's panda. after that introduction, i really didnt knowwwhat to expect.listen in to her singing.nats: singingshe performed her rendition of "come on home." her bluesy tone quickly captured the judge's attention here's simons reactionsimon says: panda you sound like a legend...that was... i absolutely love you...i love you too simon. i always wanted a panda panda was seet through to the nnxt round.i have a feeling we will see a lot of her this season.i spokk witt the judges last week in los angeles and demi lovato told me her criteria hen looking for the winner.demi lovato says: i feel like the x factor is when somebody walks into a room and everybody's eyes go straight to that person because they feel that erson go straight to everybody's eyessinto a room and somebody walks factor isswwen demi lovato says: i the winner.when looking for demi
of any sport, simon. >> in watering holes across america, yes. >> thank you. let's go to the bond pits with some breaking news. $29 billion in seven-year notes rupp for auction and rick santelli's all over it. >> yeah, you know, tyler, this was pretty much one of the spongier of the three auctions. 29 billion seven years. the yield 1.055. so 105 1/2. 1.06 bid offered. 1.055. we priced it on the offer side at w.i. that's nice and tight. that's where the good news pretty much ends. the bid to cover 2.61, the weakest since october of last year, ten months, ten auction averages, 2.81. 41% is the ten auction average on indirects. 41.9 directs. ten auction average 14%. this one 17. dealers took roughly about 48% of the auction. this one's going to be a c. price solid but all the other metrics are a bit on the weak side. we give it an average grade. back to you. >> thank you very much for that, rick. well, as the nfl does a deal with its officials, some other employers across america are moving in a different direction. changing the way that americans pay for health insurance. and it's a very
the hit "feeling good" in providenne.the audience was blown away and the judges couldn't believe it.simon says: that's not you singing..somebody is behind you as you can imagine, she was sent through to the next round of the competition.the judges were also impressed with a very unassuming guy last night. singing simon, la, britney and demi know not to judge a book by its cover.the judges approved and he was sent through to the next round. we all know the judges want to find a star...somebody with pipes and pizzaz.but i recently met up with simon cowell and brittney spears and simon defined "the x factor" for me.simon says: you want the show to discover a star who outside of the competition ii going to be able to compete with the best and i think we've found that this yearyou can watch as the x factor continues next wednesday and thhrsday at 8pm here on fox45. i'm candace dold and that's your lowdown 3 the reason why some people in one state...ámayá kick president obama off the nooember ballot...after the break --adblib weather tz-- kknsas officials are considering a challenge to presi
account. that story straight ahead. >>> but first, to simon in for tyler today at the nyse. >> it is certainly a big day for many people in the gold market as the head of hedge fund giant bridge water associates tells cnbc, "i think gold should be a portion of everyone's portfolio to some degree because it diversifies the portfolio. it is the alternative money. we have a situation now, he continues, where we have too much debt and too much debt leads to printing money. gold's clearly moving on those comments. sharon epperson has the very latest trade heading into the weekend. >> the momentum and the trading action here on the commodities floor definitely here in the gold pits today. we did see gold prices hit $1,790 an ounce, the highest price since february. we have pulled back a bit and some other commodities as well but we are looking at near highs of the year. this run that we've seen in gold is mirrored by what we saw in silver. silver though actually pulling back first and some traders say some of the rebalancing that may be going on in the s&p may have impacted other
really want to thank you for an excellent interview. thank you very much. [dr. simons:] comments on professor marty's thoughts, i mean, did you see how we - we almost covered him, you know, what he had to say. but any other comments that you might have? [female voice:] i found out that my religion grows deeper as i brush up against other faiths because it then sets me seeking the sources of why i believe what i do. so, to me i think i've been deeper in my faith through the years being exposed to myriad religions. [dr. simons:] and i think that's what professor marty is saying. you know, you get that picture from his travel. i mean, you'd be surprised at the diversity even in an area like chicago, but there's a huge diversity and people coming to try to understand their life and their meaning and their sense of self, all of these things going on. wonderful. jan? [jan:] i thought what's common about some fundamental sects needing to build thick walls point to danger - danger of open mindedness by any chance? i don't know. i thought it was interesting the way you described the walls
that that's a good idea. we'll talk about that in a minute. >>> first down to simon at the nyse. he's my partner for the next couple of days. >> in just a short while members of congress will start a hearing on whether major mesh corporations are skipping out on their taxes. >> reporter: the hearing gets under way in just about an hour. we're already seen the report from senator carl levin. a democrat. head of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations. senator levin said that he found significant abuses inside many american companies. >> multi-nationals have avoided billions of dollars in taxes using these offshore gimmicks. they have benefited greatly. but these loopholes and abuses exact a tremendous cost. >> reporter: there are two companies in the crosshairs today. first is microsoft. senate report saying from 2009 to 2011 microsoft was able to shift offshore nearly $21 billion or almost half its u.s. retail sales net revenue saving up to $4.5 billion in taxes on goods sold in the united states. we talked to microsoft. here's what they told us. they say, microsoft has a com
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-factor" and "american idol" has become more about the vujs. simon cowell said the judges are getting more out of it than the contestants, it's really morphed into who can hire the best known celebrity but only if the celebrities know how to spot the talent. what's your take, paula? >> i find is very funny that simon is complaining that the judges get -- please. it's like come on. >> speaking of simon, simon was -- he's quoted as saying he thought it was mean that nbc scheduled a third night of our show. >> "the voice." >> against "the x-factor." >> paula's crying a fake tear. >> we're so mean. >> you're not fair. oh, boy, yeah. listen, it is a war out there with the oversaturation of these shows. i mean, i remember back when i was on "idol," the producers saying to simon it is not about the two of you judges and with randy. it's about the talent. and the truth of the matter is it's about everything. it's an entire puzzle to put together. you must have that raw untapped talent. >> yeah. >> it should be about the talent all together. >> all right. >> and you have to have the chemistry, as mentors and judg
you up. simon on europe, steve on the fed and bob on the markets. >> thank you. we hit four year highs the middle of august. since then, it's been tough, the four year high, the middle of august. the trend is to the downside. the biggest pressure is risk on group. material stocks, down the most. 3, 2%, you're looking at a one month chart of materials. this is the classic risk on trade, global names that would benefit from improvement in the global economy. the risk on trades instead of the dollar, on the weak side and indicating concerns about slower growth is outweighing the lower dolla dollar. >> all right. thank you very much. the fed is up next. what can that mean but steve liesman. steve. >> seems likely the fed will act when it meets next week. three reasons, the data has been fair to midland with 2% growth seen as insufficient to bring down the unemployment rate and fed chair ben bernanke laid the groundwork suggesting quantitative easing could help the recovery and stagnation is a great concern. the open market committee said many voting members saw the need for additional easi
are grateful to them and commend them for their willingness to serve. ms. simon, my partner worked with latifa simon so we recognize the history of your service. whether it's ms. simon or ms. forsley, that we have the opportunity to appoint you to city commission at some point because i think each one of you has something to offer that the city could benefit from. so i make that motion. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor farrell. >> supervisor chiu: sprank tra , chair kim. these are always difficult decisions but we have to move forward with someone. let me say a few things because a lot was brought up in the public comment and otherwise. speaking as someone who did not vote to seat mr. wolfe, i guess it was a number of months now to the sunshine ordinance task force, there was certainly no intent to stop the task force from meeting, and agree that there was, as supervisor campos mentioned, a general unawareness of what was happening by doing so, and stopping the task force from meeting by our charter. i do have a bit of a different approach though. i don't -- ju
cousin, timothy simon who is a public utilities commissioner, my late betty simon, who has done so much for the city of san francisco, as well as lat i lati'vea who hasd with civil rights. i'm very well versed on government and the local part of san francisco and what needs to be done. >> chair kim: thank you very much. have you attended a sunshine task force meeting before, prior to today? >> no. this is my very first one. >> chair kim: okay. just for clarification, today is the rules committee meeting. the sunshine task force is a committee of citizens that the rules committee gets to make a recommendation to, who do appoint, which then goes to the full board. but this is not a sunshine task force. >> right. yes. i was reading that, the sunshine ordinance task force is what you're looking for someone for. >> chair kim: yes. and i'm very appreciative to hear of your interest in serving. we have numerous commissions and task force. i was interested specifically -- i know that your interest in applying was in an interest to serve. but was there a specific interest around sunshine that y
are also inundating cyberspace in their bid for the white house.dan simon has details on all the platforms available to of tools in the digital age. age. --reporter pkg-as follows -- technology has taken center stage in this run for the white house. obama and romney are using every digital tool available to reach voters. for the president, it even included a viitual town hall forum on redditt the social nees website with just 20 employees but millions of users. with zero notice, president obama logged on last wednesday for an ask me anything or "ama." the president answered 10 of the &pmost popular questions... ranging from his thoughts about thh spaceeprogram to asked wanted to know about his thoughts on the drug war, but he ignored the issue. political observers say his responses probably were not as significaat as the mere idea eegaging in a digital own hall forum. "tv appearances, debates and conventions were sort of the only way to speak are tarting to be other channels, othee ways to talk directll or talk in some sort of forum. and i think thht can only improve the aacess and
on the task force for 10 years, and the interest that ms. simon and ms. wilson have shown is certainly admirable. however i think in addition to the disability factor, i think there is one other thing that gives an edge to mr. wolfe, and that is, as you know, at this time, the committee on information technology and the department of technology are attempting to consolidate and upgrade the city's electronic record system with respect to storage backup and retrievable. and this is an area where the task force is -- as you can imagine, very interested. and mr. wolfe has long experience in information technology. that is a matter of fact -- as a matter of fact, what he does professionally. so i think that that should merit strong consideration as you go forward. again, i think, you know, mr. wolfe has served on the task force. he's done so in an admirable fashion. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is diana d. matthews, a small business othe owner. i'm here to speak on behalf of my colleague and friend, kai wilson forsley. every day, kai works for public access
announcement. >>> and we welcome you to power lurch. i'm sewer herrera. my partner today is simon at the nyse because tyler's on assignment today. >> the big day is finally here. if you own an apple product, if your family buys apple products, if you own the stock, are considering owning the stock or if you own a mutual fund, and who doesn't, be with us for the full hour as apple now shows off its new product line. >> highly anticipated, certainly, that's an understatement. that's why we have brian sullivan outside the conference hall in san francisco. we have a very sophisticated system designed to bring you the latest news and pictures as they happen. so brian, what are we expecting? >> this is going to be a big time event here. maybe we need a giant sledgehammer to smash a screen a la 1984. here's how this is going to work. this is why i walked all the way out here last night. lights just dimmed. al gore seen, we are ready to go. we have a full crew here. jon is going to be sending us information as it occurs. he is going to deliver that information via electronic message to me, and then i
and may be just the right thing for your portfolio. sue is off today but simon hobbs is with us leading the charge at the stock exchange. >>> good afternoon to you, tyler. as far as trading down here, the proverbial calm off the trading storm at the end of last week. high-volume rally on the fed, took the s&p up what? 2% during the course of the week? the s&p up now over 16% for the year. today financials, industrials, materials are lower. slightly down from what you'd expect. >>> now to the action outside the new york stock exchange where police and protesters have been standing off all day long. it is of course the one-year anniversary of occupy wall street and with it has come protests and arrests. kayla tausche has the latest. >> reporter: well, simon, midday here in lower manhattan, it is quieting down, thinning out and protests are spreading farther afield. a lunch time meeting brought all the protests across this area of town back to the birthplace of the movement just a couple blocks north of where i am right now. that was serving to help them regroup a little bit but now they'r
hours earlier in cairo. megyn: joining me now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn think tank and former advisor to president clinton. mark these send, fellow at american enterprise institute and former speechwriter for president george w. bush. mark, what the intel services are telling us now is that not only was what she said not true, but this administration knew it wasn't true and they knew it for several days. not only did they know this was a terrorist attack, but, they knew it had been listed officially inside the government as a terrorist attack. that they were searching for the suspects. that it was an attack on u.s. soil, which a u.s. consulate is. and the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. they knew all that when susan rice was sent out to tell us it was in response to a video and just a spontaneous act. what, please put this in perspective for us. >> well, let's have the most generous interpretation possible for this administration. when eli lake broke the story, why i think it is wrong, this is only explanation possible. when eli lake broke the story.
uh simon hobbs and cnbc's rick santelli. i don't want to spend the segment on this. i do want to begin with you, b.k., and ask you. stocks rising under obama. the stock market liked president obama. do they like his policies? right now with today's rally, clinton handing the baton. do they want obama to win? is that possible? >> i don't think so. since 2009 on the list of ten things i look at during the day, number 11 . uh today going forward i look at the two parties. i'm looking at tax increases or spending cuts which for me aren't the best thing for earnings dprout. this is a ben bernanke rally from the beginning. he did a beautiful job managing the delinchs process. let's hope we have the power to keep this thing going. >> rick santelli, thanks for staying with us tonight. double there is an obama factor in the stock market rally? stocks doubled since march of 2009. look, i have guys saying this to me. they are tweeting to me and they say, kudlow, you argue stocks cover politics and the economy. i do. i want to be fair. >> i don't think they rally in it in. i would say no.
, comfortable. >> how about a hand for our panel. [laughter] [applause] please stay in your seats for the simon lecture. >> now, we will continue the discussion on the supreme court with former solicitor general and lead attorney argument against the health care law, paul clement. he outlines the case's path to the court, how it was argued in court, and his surprise in the court's decision. also from the cato institute, this is just over one hour. >> i want to welcome those of you who just joined us for the simon lecture. i am walt -- roger pilon. i want to welcome those in the c-span audience, who might have just joined us for this sign and lecture. each year, we conclude our constitution day conference with the annual lecture named in honor of the late ken simon, a pittsburgh engineering, an entrepreneur and industrialist who was a great friend of liberty and the cato institute, devoted to furthering the thought of the american founders. this series has brought a distinguished group of justices, legal scholars to the podium to discuss in doing constitutional issues. our first simon lecture wa
, not for adults. and simon hobbs makes a very good point, now jcpenney becomes the last place on the planet he'd want to be on a sunday. >> ron johnson continues to try to throw out things. i was at pvh last week. i think it's, throw the spaghetti against the wall, whatever sticks. >> i said to bill ackmann, the stock's been up ever since. >> any uptick will drive it higher. i continue to be -- call me skeptical. retail turnarounds have been one of the most difficult things to hold. >> and once we see the market share gains, not decline but grow less, so get bigger by less at the likes of a jcpenney and a macy's and so on, we're still hearing they are still gaining share. once we see that slowdown, maybe there are signs that jcpenney is able to hold on to their base and start growing. >> stabilizing, yeah. >> well, when you get a situation where you're down 18% in same-store sales, you get a chain reaction throughout the company. your staff is too high. the people are going to start -- get inventory back up so you get pushback from apparel companies because you're basically saying, i can't tak
've seen so far... and what judge simon cowell says... he's looking for ii the next big star.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((brrak 7)) 3 ((break 7)) anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. it's that time of the year.the singing competition, "the x factor" is back.season two premiered this week and peoppe are still talking about it this morning.candace is here with a wrap up of the auditions.this issso fresh.. so real.. the stories are told through the eyes of the contestantsthe talent s incredible.. from people you po one 13 year old..carly rose - girl sings: birds ffying hi
facebook's former headquarters, one is an off-duty security guard who worked there. 20-year-old simon and 21-year-old calhoun were arrested after they were spotted. officials say money normally patrols the -- simon normally patrols the facility. >>> antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, approved hiring of at least six nonsworn community service offices to beef up the police force. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a year and will be paid out of the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. >>> for the first time in seven years san francisco health officials confirming a resident of the city has the west nile virus and they say that person caught it locally. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: the san francisco man who has west nile hasn't traveled outside the bay area that leaves health officials to believe he was infected locally although unclear in which county. his case was first reported september 21st, again the
guard who worked there. 20-year-old simon and 21-year-old calhoun were arrested after they were spotted. officials say money normally patrols the -- simon normally patrols the facility. >>> antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, approved hiring of at least six nonsworn community service offices to beef up the police force. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a year and will be paid out of the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. >>> for the first time in seven years san francisco health officials confirming a resident of the city has the west nile virus and they say that person caught it locally. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: the san francisco man who has west nile hasn't traveled outside the bay area that leaves health officials to believe he was infected locally although unclear in which county. his case was first reported september 21st, again the first case in san francisco since 2005. that man is recoverin
have arrested two suspects, 21 year-old travis talent when year-old brandon simon, both of sunnyvale. simon said police had inside knowledge because you worked there >> apparently what we learned was one of the suspects was actually employed by the security form that was actually on sight at the facebook location >> for a company like facebook a loss of even one computer could be huge. it goes far beyond whatever the hardware value of the machine itself >> things that can be stored on a laptop can be customer lists, top-secret information, the price is unlimited >> key is a former san jose cop who owns a private security firm >> it could be thousands of dollars or millions of dollars worth of damage and in silicon valley you have most of the larger companies publicly held and if the information gets out of your shareholders that you cannot protect our property that becomes a very serious issue. >> fortunately they only had the laptops for a few minutes but security did seem to be beefed up today at facebook and a shredding company truck was parked outside. facebook did not have any c
yet to hear back. >>> finally, politico roger simon wrote a satire of vice presidential nominee paul ryan this week using this quote. "he has been marching around his campaign bus saying things like , 'if stench calls, take a message .'" he was referencing this quote in the "new york times" -- "if ryan wants to run for national office again, he will probably have to wash the stench of romney off of him." simon's fake quote, attempt at satire was not fully appreciated. in other words, everybody didn't get it. "new york times" columnist paul krugman wrote, "can i say that even though i'm not exactly a fan of mitt romney's, this is just bad behavior?" from liberal commentator taylor marsh, "simon's piece spread like wildfire and calling a gigantic ripple." they weren't alone. simon clarified in editor's note he believes paul ryan calls mitt romney something more dignified than "stench." both presidential candidates promise they will not increase taxes on the poor and middle class but will make a dent in the deficit. this evening we look at romney's plan which has been called mathematica
definitelied them yesterday on ellen. she and simon were saying that she was so nervous the first day she actually wanted to quit, which i think you could really tell. she was very kind of quiet and a lot of odd facial expressions. when they moved her along, i thought she reacted pretty well to a lot of contestants and everybody loving her over twitter. they're really blowing up and hands down it was x-factor over the voice tonight. >> really. we know there was controversy there. simon was sort of upset with that. >> right. they had a gentleman's agree nbc would not air the voice tonight and they did anyway. everybody was loving team x- factor and the contestants and i think the dynamics among the four of them is good. cool thing, they announced the mentors for sure. so justin bieber will be with l.a. reid and nick jonas with demi lovato. >> what about simon? >> simon doesn't have a mentor yet. >> any other scoop? >> i think we're off to a great start. there's lot of good dirt about behind the scenes, britney no alcohol ban and the women can't be too pretty behind the set of x-factor for
. >> no doubt you have the right adjective there, simon. the dust has barely settled on what the fed did yesterday. economists calling it a sea change in policy. but speculation already ramping up on two key issues. how long will the fed keep this going and what might be next in addition to mortgage backed securities? already saying early next year when you expect the fomc to extend its mbs purchases and initiate a new round of purchases of treasuries. those policies should remain in place until growth picks up in the second half of next year. that could set the stage for a reconsideration of the fed's current all-in stance. so we're gaming out already six months from now. hard to underestimate what economists are calling exceptionally aggressive policy from the fed to understand what fed chairman ben bernanke is trying to engineer. start with the $40 billion of open-ended monthly mortgage purchases. now tied to progress in the unemployment rate. not a calendar date, not a fixed sum. the more monumental change came in the forward guidance. investors need to hear this. the committee expec
with timothy, simon, and jeanette. tim is a professor at the stanford business school where he teaches a very popular class on this service via in fact, i have taken your class, and you bring in some incredible speakers and make it very entertaining. jim also has a distinguished career in the private sector. he was the president of oracle's on demand service, which by some records was the first online on demand service. cloud computing has a lot of fathers, but tim is often called the grandfather of cloud computing because of that endeavor. but tim is also an investor in a cloud computing companies, and author of some very exciting cloud computing books. thank you for being here. next, we have simon crosby. he is an entrepreneur, who has just launched his latest company, and he might tell us a little bit about it. before that, almost just about a month ago, he was the cto of citrix systems. he got there by selling his last company to them. that company has developed some of the key virtualization technologies, which enable the cloud. he made a big contribution. thank you for that. last but de
large treasury holdings. simon, let's pick up on that. are we going to see greater dollar weakening and will it have a major impact on asset prices in emerging markets? >> certainly we have seen the dollar weaken both in the run up to the decision and then subsequently on the fact that bernanke surpassed what was expected. we've had a negative call on the euro and we're reviewing that as the risk is very much more two way in respect to what draghi has come out with with his stirlized bond purchases. the one thing to remember is that qe-3 as opposed to qe 1 and 2 is by no means a unilateral policy move by the fed. you've got the swiss national bank, bank of england and potentially the ecb all doing pretty much the same thing. so we don't see it as nearly as much of a negative for the dollar as it has been in the past. but some of that liquidity will come out into the emerging markets as we've seen on previous occasions and that may future some pressure on the currencies. but again, you have to remember that central banks are quite active in the currency markets on a regular basis and
, paul mccartney, number one. but i've got to say, number two's got to be for m paul simon. paul simon going to be with us next hour. me you've got to put him up there among the top two, three, four songwriters in rock history, right? >> not just songwriter, but he's one of the most adventurous musician >> no doubt about it. >> graceland was such a brhr tit inspired musicians all the way down to, you know, vampire weekend now. >> yeah, no doubt about it. of course, he just -- he keeps experimenting, keeps moving forward. it's very exciting. well, listen. we've also got some politics to talk about, j klein. >> do we have to womuch prefer to talk about paul simon, but we'll do that next hour. with you let's talk first about the debate that's coming up next wednesday in denver. we're less than a week out from it. mitt romney has to laser focus, one conrvative after another going out there, telling hi steidistracted. have a laser focus on the economy. i want to read you what daniel henninger wrote todayn "the wall street journal." he said stupid in the famous quotation from 1992's clinton
the big guys from rigging the markets. megyn: joining me now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn, a think tank and advocacy organization, also former campaign adviser to president bill clinton, and marc thiessen who's a former speech writer for president george w. bush. we'll have this discussion as foo fighters go through their sound. james taylor, then foo fighters, they were supposed to be doing this outside at the stadium l later, they will be performing in front of a much smaller crowd in a little bit. this isn't the real performance, just a sound check. but it's been entertaining. okay, let's talk about elizabeth warren. you tell me, marc, she claims the system is rigged, and brit hume last night suggested she sounded like somebody who was railing against an incumbent president, and she was advocating to unseat that incouple men president -- incumbent president. >> i think brit is right. look, i agree with elizabeth warren that the system and the economy are rigged, but here's the interesting thing. as she was standing there on that stage railing against corporate lo
contributor. with us simon rosenberg, former clinton campaign advisor. rich you say mitt romney was exactly right say what he said when he did? >> yeah. look he is getting pressure all day because of some major event, attacks on our embassy to issue a statement. he issued a statement that rightly focused on this completely indefensible press release reaffirmed during the day by the embassy in egypt, basically apologizing to these protesters in saying that people in america were abusing their free speech rights which is not the place of one of our embassies to comment on things americans say in this country,%ing their constitutional rights. and for confirmation that that embassy statement was totally indefensible, the white house distanced it telephone from it and threw the statement under the bus and said had nothing to do with it. you would have thought romney had been vindicated. but next morning the press woke up and decided mitt romney had to apologize for something for this. when he didn't, began to write stories how his campaign was basically over and had blown itself up in a lehman m
and simon hobbs live from the new york stock exchange. we'll take a look at how we're setting up on u.s. futures, this the day after the s&p posted its worst drop in about three months. we are looking higher on the dow jones industrial average but lower on the s&p 500 and nasdaq. we're taking your cue this morning from what is going on in europe. we are watching protests going in both spain as well as greece. red arrows across the board. take a look at the decline in germany, down about 1.9% this morning. our road map does start off in europe. opening the way to possibly declare independence. bond yields will approach 6%. in greece, tens of thousands protest austerity measures there. >> stocks closed yesterday at the lows of the session. these comments from plosser, also throwing more cold water on the qe-3 rally. >>> goldman sachs raising estimates on the heels of a blackberry jam conference. apple, meantime, continuing under pressure this morning. >>> athens this morning, madrid, last night. the issues are the same in both cities. more cuts in government spending and higher taxes as
a little later. >>> coming up next, we'll bring in chuck todd, joe klein of "time" magazine and paul simon, how about that. kerry washington also going to join us. >>> and up next, jim vandehei with a look at the "politico playbook" and steve ratner with reasons that may explain the surge in the polls. >>> first bill karins with a look at the forecast. >> unfortunately some rainy areas, new york city one of them. we saw that with our times square shot. another area, thunderstorms pushing into portions of jersey. if you're leaving the house in philadelphia, the rain has begun. i-95 from philly to wilmington, probably one of the worst highway drives. eventually these will work from southern jersey from long branch towards atlantic city. i mentioned new york city, just some light rain. probably only going to last about another hour or two. a little slow morning drive there. the airports shouldn't be too bad around new york. that rain should clear out as we go throughout the day. those showers and thunderstorms down around d.c. to philadelphia, they could pop up at any time late this afternoon
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